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"One More for the Road" Album Just Released


One More From The Road
1. For The Better
2. Ain't It
3. If My Dad Could Only See Me Now
4. Without the Man
5. Blues On Bourbon
6.With Your Hand In Mine
7. Until I Die
8. Love Ya Good
9. If She Calls Tonight
10. 8th Drive




Country Boy Yankee
1. Country Boy Yankee

2. Ballad of The Balladeer


3. Withered Rose


4. Driftin' Away (In Montego Bay)


5. The Love Song


6. Finish What We Start







Chasin' The Sun
1. She Smiled

2. It'll Be Too Soon

3. In My Dreams

4. Camilla's Camaro

5. Chasin' The Sun

6. Lovin' You Shuffle

7. Turns Out

8. I Love This Town

9.Guitar Man

10.Driftin' Away (Mondolin)